Aleda Onboarding Process

  • The Process Overview

    Aleda Capital have created a simplistic way for clients to invest in managed accounts with the creation of their online platform. Through our platform clients can create and account, complete our application process, this includes receiving a statement of advice. Review their investments once they have funded their accounts. Below you will see the step that clients can take in this process and the supporting documents that are required to begin investing.

  • What is a statements of advice (SOA)

    The purpose of a Statement of Advice (SOA) is to communicate to the client important and relevant information about the advice, so that they can make an informed decision about whether to act on the advice. To view the ASIC regulatory guide, please click on the link provided - RG90 Example Statement of Advice: Scaled advice for a new client

  • Onboarding Process Steps

    • Step 1: Personal Information: This section requires information such as full name, occupation and identification number (driver’s license/passport)
    • Step 2: Financial Situation: This section requires information regarding your assets and liabilities
    • Step 3: Goal and Risk Profile: This section asks questions about your financial goals along with your knowledge or financial products relevant to Aleda Capitals services. In the section, you will also be asked to give a rating based on your individual risk appetite and returns you are looking to achieve on your investment
    • Step 4: This section gives you a review of all your information you have entered into the platform and the ability to edit the information.
    • Step 5: This section is where you are required to read the product disclosure statements along with additional information required to invest with Aleda Capital. After reviewing the documents, you electronically sign the paperwork and choose what strategies you would like to invest in based on your risk profile that has been given to you. The submit section will also ask you to upload identification documents to be verified. Please see “what documents to upload” section to ensure you have the correct documents.
    • Please note, After you have completed the online application all documentation will be forwarded to you on the email you originally used to begin the application. If for any reason you are unsure and would like to ask a question please contact us.
  • What documents to upload

    • Drives License Passport 18+ card Please note: In some cases, Aleda Capital may contact you to provide additional documents depending on your application type.
    • How to upload documents: Ensure your identification has been scanned correctly Clearly identifying you in the photo along with all information being readable Ensure that your identification is current and not expired If a bank statement is required, please ensure it is valid within the last six months
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