Aleda Fee Structure

  • How does Aleda Capital make money

    To ensure we can provide a simplistic process for clients to invest in managed accounts, we do not charge Advice fees, On-going service fees, Contribution fees, Establishment fees, Administration fees, or exit fees. We only charge clients once they have funded there account through management fees (all strategies), performance fees (alternative investment strategies) and commissions/rebates.

  • Commissions

    HLK Group, its authorised representative - Aleda Capital and referrers, the Introducing Broker indicated on your account, earn a part of the commission you are charged. Please refer to Remuneration Consent for more details. The commission rate on each MDA has been stated clearly. For instance, the commission is paid by Pepperstone when you invest in Elatus. If Aleda Capital closes a position that trades a standard lot of EURAUD (i.e. $100,000) in your account, Aleda Capital receives $5 AUD from Pepperstone. The $5 commission will be split and paid to HLK Group as the licensee and your referrer that introduced you to Aleda Capital. 

  • Our Fees

    Our fees are based on the type of strategy you choose to invest with us. For our two ETF strategies (Utilis, Edulis) we apply a 1% management fee and no performance fee. For our alternative strategies (Elatus, Phyllo) we apply a 2% management fee and a 20% performance fee.

  • What is a management fee?

    The management fee is the cost of having your funds professionally managed. The fee helps compensate Aleda Capital to organize & execute the selected investment strategy and also the additional costs to operate the business.

  • What is a performance fee?

    A performance fee is a sum paid to the manager of an investment vehicle and is based on performance of the managed account. Aleda Capital uses a High-Water Mark structure. (See high water mark example)

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