About Aleda

  • History

    Established in 2012 Aleda Capital is a managed accounts investment company, providing diversified investment options for clients around the world across shares, foreign exchange and gold.

    The brainchild of founder Jason Holdsworth with his business partner Neil Shellshear joining in 2014, Aleda Capital evolved from a simple idea in 2012 to launch in 2016, and has had phenomenal growth in its client base which includes self-managed super funds and individual investors.

    After years of extensive research for the right global investment managers to bring into the Aleda Capital offering the Aleda website was launched in October 2015 with our first clients on-boarding in June 2016 and the signing of two significant introducer agreements in September 2016.

    Moving away from the traditional investment model, Aleda Capital is now ready to offer Australia its first direct-to-client automated alternative investments platform. Launching in August 2017 the Aleda Capital automated managed account platform provides the tools our clients need to invest in managed accounts, with a range of strategies tailored to individual investment requirements

  • Our Philosophy

    Aleda Capital’s investment philosophy is founded on the belief that successful investing hinges on many factors but most importantly a solid wealth management product should be transparent and simple. At Aleda Capital we believe investment goals are directly correlated with individual risk profiles.

  • Simplicity

    Our investment philosophy is founded on the basic idea of simplicity. We have made things easy for our clients through our streamlined processes and our automated online application process through our platform

    • Tailored SOA offering the strategies suitable to a clients’ risk profile and investment objectives
    • Easy to follow online application process with step by step instructions
    • Single strategy or multi asset class investment options at one stop
    • Clients can withdraw their money by submitting an online form
    • Real time access to accounts for better monitoring and decision making
  • Transparency

    We understand the responsibility that we have when managing your money. Having a transparent investment process is essential in educating and building trust with our clients. Transparency means no secrets and no hidden charges or fees. You know exactly what you are investing in and your funds are held in a segregated account.

    • Each strategy is carefully selected and has been monitored over the past three years and backed up by the trading data
    • Make the comprehensive strategies which are traditionally reserved for wholesale clients available to retail clients
    • Clear fee structure listed with no hidden fees
    • Client funds are held at the segregated account with NAB or Bank of America through our executing brokers
    • Drawdown measures are implemented to avoid further dip in the riskier strategies during market cycles
    • Our remuneration structure is specifically designed to incentivise performance in-order to ensure the managers of your investments are aligned to investment performance outcomes
  • Diversification

    We believe your investment goals are correlated with your individual risk profiles. We can help you to reduce volatility in your portfolio by spreading your investments across multiple asset classes, multiple investment managers and multiple instruments in different markets. A well-diversified portfolio can offer a smooth pattern of returns, achieving greater consistency with lower volatility.

    • Up to five investment strategies in total: covering Exchange traded funds, margin FX and Gold against USD
    • Spread out in various economic and market conditions
  • Why we offer managed accounts

    • Our team are highly experienced in Managed Accounts.
    • Are we a Robo-advice company? Robo-Advice is a very loose term used by many companies however Aleda Capital is dedicated to ensuring the most streamlined processes for our clients. We look to automate wherever possible and we will continue to improve the automation to best suit our clients. Should you have any feedback around this please feel free to send us a message through our contact us page..
    • Are managed accounts regulated? Aleda Capital is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR No.463322) of HLK Group who holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL No. 535746). The AFSL is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).
  • Why we offer alternative investments

    Whilst traditional investments such as shares, bonds and cash may provide investors with satisfactory investment returns over time, alternative investments can provide an additional measure of diversification not available in traditional avenues.
    As well as increasing diversification, incorporating alternative investments into your portfolio may also help to reduce overall volatility with historically low to moderate correlation of returns to that of traditional investments. There is also the potential for increased investment flexibility as well as attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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Our investment managers are highly experienced in trading across the ASX, foreign exchange and gold markets. They actively manage client investments ensuring they can achieve the maximum growth within your portfolio. If you would like to invest with Aleda Capital you can begin through our online platform now.

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